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Delphine + The Animation Club

Before Lockdown took over the world, Delphine as part of the "No Dogs" project aired at the London Animation Club at Greenman's pub as part of a public preview screening of the class's effort in creating short 3 minute films within 3 weeks (In my case within 2!).

It was an amazing night to see the reactions from people's faces as they watched these films for the first time, hearing unique true testimonies from a range of amazing people. My team were really glad to see the positive reaction from this short film that went through hell to be completed and was a big learning curve.

It's been a great experience and we are looking forward to how this film will be received world wide. A big thank you to Martin Pickles for hosting the event for the evening and seeing the space packed to the rim with a diverse audience was unexpected.

You can see a round up on the events here at the Animation Club Archive or part of the MDX SAGA Instagram! Delphine is currently making her way through the Festival Circuit as she is expected to be part of an online screening some time soon on the Fist Up Festival!

Keep an eye out on more online screening dates soon x

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