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Graduate Film: Ziazan Wolf in Lockdown

Hello Viewer! This post is about my work in progress of my Graduate Film: Ziazan Wolf which is currently in development in Isolation as London is in a major Lockdown moment. As the world and finds alternative ways of coping with #stayathome club and Fred find's himself in even more online screening, Ziazan Wolf finds it's self in a very slow process at the moment.

Now for thousands of Animation students who are locked out of their Animation Studios, it can be difficult to find a way to cope with animating at home especially if you don't have all of the facilitates you need to create the work at a high quality production.

Luckily for me, I managed to finish working on majority of the physical backgrounds that I needed to record on the multiplane apart from the very experimental stuff which I had to find last minute solutions too. This includes rendering out footage in painted quality for a week or two to have a similar effect it would have had if it were all paint on glass. It can difficult accept defeat, but in these challenging times it would be ridiculous to expect all students to be hyped and ready to get into animating in these circumstances.

With these heavy rendered scenes done, I focus on getting to the meaty bit of my animation roughs as well as making sure all background moving scenes have been rendered out properly. (Which has been a pain to edit and export in the 4k resolution I'm working on) but overall the final look will be worth it even if it means I work through out summer to complete my Grad Film.

At the end of Summer I plan to release Ziazan Wolf into the wild of Documentary and Armenian Film festivals in preparation to launch my Augmented Reality campaign within the year as today 24/4/2020 marks the 105 year remembrance of this event... and still even now the Genocide is treated like a forbidden word as it is avoided is many remembrance speeches across the world. Hopefully once this film is completed and screened, we can change that message.

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