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Kithub - Avoiding Catastrophe

2nd Year Commissioned Project - Summer 2019

This commission project was awarded to both Anayis and Stephen Quenet after the pitch was selected. Based on this, the two had the opportunity to create a short film for the University Kithub service following a group of students who are trying to complete their project whilst avoiding catastrophe.

Your Average Joe

The original pitch for this project was to create a story following one student who continuously gets things wrong and has to learn from his mistake to be able to get his project done for the deadline. This focused on single student projects such as Photography, Design and Animation.

This ended up being changed to fit film students, as they make up the majority of those who regularly use the kit hub services, and usually work in teams on projects. 


Our Diverse Team

From having 2 characters our cast transformed to a group of at least 6 people performing different roles in a film crew. After receiving a thumbs up on the designs, Anayis and Stephen got to work forming likeable personalities and arcs to fit the characters who would have to outrun dogs and chase after pigeons to save their film equipment and get their work done.

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