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Ziazan Wolf

3rd Year Film - 2020

Ziazan Wolf is a 4 minute mixed medium film directed by Anayis in her final year at Middlesex University; set from a child's point of view who witnesses the Armenian Genocide; a historic massacre denied by many globally due to political issues. To be completed in the Summer of 2020.


Production from 2019-2020

Ziazan Wolf is a film based on a drawing from 2013 which was created by Anayis as her entry to the Pan Armenian Painting Day competition, which was meant to depict how the life source of Armenia is in it's people and animals and that's how it's culture survives.


Anayis continued her research into the Armenian Genocide in the summer of 2019 in preparation for her graduation project, when she thought about developing this painting into a film.

She used the Ziazan Wolf in a new context to depict something much stronger, far removed from the negative depictions of wolves in most stories.



Anayis was inspired by the styles and designs of fellow Armenian Animators, which she wrote about in her first year research paper into the origins and development of Armenian Animation.


This helped her decide on the designs and colour pallets of the characters. 


Looking at old traditional folk tale illustrations lead Anayis to mix a plethora of materials and techniques that she learned throughout her studies to create a unique vibrant atmosphere in her work. 


Anayis is seen in these photos working at her multiplane station set up in Middlesex University, producing backgrounds and animated sections for her film.

More than a film

Ziazan Wolf wasn't just about recreating a story of events but showcasing how important these messages are to stop us from repeating history. Ziazan Wolf is part of a live campaign to recognise a range of massacres hidden in history for political gain and showing the point of view of the survivors/witnesses who know the true story of events and not those written by the “victors”.

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