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Fred's Night Out

2nd Year Film - 2019

Fred's Night Out is a 4 minute mixed medium animation focusing on educating those on how humans affect the environments of urban animals whilst creating a connection between the audience and Fred (who in many people's eyes is considered vermin) a vagabond fox, looking for love in what feels like a hopeless world.


Latest from Fred's Night Out

MDX Sweet, Sour and Savoury Year 1 & 2 Showcase May 23rd 2019

London Animation Club - September 2nd 2019

MDX Animation Industry Showcase 2019 at Close-up Cinema - October 30th 2019 (2x)

INDIS Young Filmmakers Awards (Leeds) 19-21 - October 12th 2019

Doodle Dealers presents Draw House Animation Screening - November 22nd 2019 (2x)

Changing Perspectives Festival - Funny Showcase (Turkey) - March 6th/7th 2020 (2x)

Locked in Film Festival (Copenhagen Underground) - April 7th 2020

ROOM's Short Movie Night Rotterdam (Online Screening and Interview)- April 29th 2020

British International Amateur Film Festival - Stratford-upon-avon (4* to Fred) October 16-18th 2020

One Laugh Away Short Film Festival - Dundee/Scotland - October 19th 2020


The beginning of Fred the Fox

Fred started out as a last minute concept as Anayis passed by a poor dead fox on the way to University. To raise awareness for Urban Animals on the road, (creatures full of potential and life) she created a film based around the events that could’ve surrounded the Fox’s demise.​

During her 2nd year studies she focused on mixing 2D animation with other elements and textures. To create a real life Urban environment she mixed her 2D character Fred into photo collage/filmed backgrounds.

Since his first screening, Fred has become a loveable character with a strong message that leaves people in the blues the ending on his sad potential tale with love.


He has become somewhat of a mascot for a new series that Anayis hopes to create, bringing recognition to West London urban wildlife.

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