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We Stand with Refugees

2020 Charity Promotion Project

In Spring/Summer 2020, Anayis worked on an Animation Placement between MDX Student Union and Barnet Refugee Service / New Citizen's Gateway to create an Animation and promotional material to advertise their services to to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in London. This included Animation, gifs and illustrations that could be used across all their social media platforms.



With this project, Anayis focused on displaying a class of diverse people that the organisation reaches out to. Including designing strong characters with cultural features to their home countries, without losing their heritage as they integrate into a British environment.

With key images, she created short gifs that could be reused on Barnet's social media platforms as well as their website. 

Creating the main lead

Anayis created a story and characters that would fit the profile of the type of refugees and asylum seekers who use the services. In doing so it was decided to portray a strong Mother and Son relationship that has overcome hardship and pushed the two of them to travel to London for a new start. This included showing some of the losses and hardships they would have faced to get there.


Once character designs were finalised, she moved onto story boarding the project and creating Animatics with and without narration for the client to choose from.. Check the animatic link below to see the current work in progress.

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