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A Good Journey

2nd Year 2019 One week project

A Good Journey is an experimental short film created based on random postcards within a group or 3-4.

This film follows a cucumber trying to find his way to work which takes an unexpected turn.


Experimental and Weird

This is one of Anayis' first experimental films, using a range of techniques to bring her story idea to life with her team. After planning the pipeline of the work her team focused on storyboarding and creating assets to work with. This included her going out and filming background location scenes with team mates, and passing it on to be edited together with a  blue screened cucumber.

Diverse Styles

To say the least this project used most of the assets from the postcard to create a odd mixed medium film. Techniques utilised include silhouette animation, stop motion props, puppeted characters on a blue screen, puppeted shoes and cucumbers as well as 2D animated eyes. 

This combination made a unique art direction for the short one week project. 

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