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Mr. Wolf

2nd Year Elements Project

This is a short animation exercise focused on designing a character and environment interacting with a particular element. Here we have a simple re imagining of Red Riding Hood, as Mr. Wolf gets washed away while waiting for Miss Red.


A Film Made In Isolation

XOXO is a short experimental film made in collaboration with Stephen Quenet in Lock down. This short film was created within a day, documenting boredom in an unusual way. 

Password: XOXO

Past, Present and Future - Part 2

2nd Year Group Project

This animation was created as part of a 3 part group project telling a story depicting the Past, Present and Future. Anayis' section starts off showcasing a passion of love until it reveals a different side of these characters' separate stories.


1st Year Stop Motion Project

This assignment was to create an animated portrait of an existing person. Anayis chose Abigail Williams, a child who started the Salem Witch Trials as a game, leading to the death of many of villagers. Created with cut outs on the multiplane.

Summer Fever

Music Video Commission

Based on a short animation test, Anayis got commissioned to create an animated music video on this original track. Animation was done in Animate CC and edited in After Effects.