Mr. Wolf

2nd Year Elements Project

This is a short animation exercise focused on designing a character and environment interacting with a particular element. Here we have a simple re imagining of Red Riding Hood, as Mr. Wolf gets washed away while waiting for Miss Red.


A Film Made In Isolation

XOXO is a short experimental film made in collaboration with Stephen Quenet in Lock down. This short film was created within a day, documenting boredom in an unusual way. 

Password: XOXO

Past, Present and Future - Part 2

2nd Year Group Project

This animation was created as part of a 3 part group project telling a story depicting the Past, Present and Future. Anayis' section starts off showcasing a passion of love until it reveals a different side of these characters' separate stories.


1st Year Stop Motion Project

This assignment was to create an animated portrait of an existing person. Anayis chose Abigail Williams, a child who started the Salem Witch Trials as a game, leading to the death of many of villagers. Created with cut outs on the multiplane.

Summer Fever

Music Video Commission

Based on a short animation test, Anayis got commissioned to create an animated music video on this original track. Animation was done in Animate CC and edited in After Effects.

Stable Riots

1st Year Film

Anayis' first proper 2d animated project, which had to depict a story of her youth that would make an interesting animation. Here is the story on how Bow the horse caused a Stable Riot over an apple core.

Sing Sing Sing

Music Video Collage

This was an assignment at University where everyone was given a collage artist, and told to create a music video using photoshop and after effects. This was the final result of the project.

All Fun and Games

1st Year Soundscape Project

An animated short created in 2 weeks based on someone's soundscape with an assigned brief. Pixelation animation and mixed medium photo collage along with puppeted paper characters.